ATTN:strength&conditioning Pros

I'm in a serious bind.
I'm starting to gain weight because I haven't had the time or money for the gym.
I can't even fit into my old highschool pants anymore,so I know something's up.

I don't have any weights at home and I plan on getting back in shape before the new semester of school starts this fall.

So,is there any type of exercises I could do?

P.S.Running and jogging is out of the question becaue I have flat feet.

There are a lot of good bodyweight exercise resources on the web; doing calisthenics interval style will go a long way.

And if you can spring fro Scrapper's "mod 1" that's about the best product I've seen (yeah, consider this a plug for a fellow-mod, but it is so good I can't tell you.... GET the thing). That'll hold your hand through some very tough workouts which you won't need to go to a gym for. Now if I wasn't so damned scared of how hard it is, I'd be skinny too ;-)

Cool,but I've already heard this before.

I need the goods man.
I do appreciate the link though.

Them IS the goods, not sure what you need.

There's a lot of free stuff at beyond the Mod 1.

Sorry, more direct, if you want the free stuff:

There's enough there to get you in VERY good shape if you have any motivation.

"Them IS the goods, not sure what you need."

No,I was talking to the other guy,notice how our posts were both at 7:47.

I have the motivation,it's called "college chicks".

Gotcha... happens all the time.

Good luck!