Attn: Struve,Tell us about ur Weight Gain Regiment

Heard Stefan in the Pre-Fight Press Conference talking about gaining weight going forward "the right way", staying lean, gaining muscle.

As a fellow lanky bastard (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this), I would be interested to hear any info you care to give on how you are/are planning to go about this, while maintaining the constant training that tends to keep us lanky folks so lean...what is working, not working, whatever you might care to tell us.

Thanks in advance, and good luck against UG darling, McOracle Sat. night

I am also a lanky guy, very interested as well...


I'm a fat guy. I'm jealous.

I'm sure he just has a very healthy diet that's high in calories and protein but low on fat. The rest is his body just growing into itself...he's only 22.

I hear horse meat is popular in the Netherlands.

amberlamps - eat more calories than you burn

if you find that the calories that you've taken in is making you fat then cut back a little

it's a simple formula to gaining wieght/muscle mass.

1) eat more than you burn
2) workout
3) rest

tweak one or both or all three if it doesn't make you get bigger/stronger

rinse and repeat

yes, of course, looking for one man's example here, more specific than stating the obvious