ATTN: Submission Grapplers



so how much does this gay porn pay?

lol, now everyone is afraid to post their stats in fear of other ppl saying "omg you´re auditioning for a gay porn?"

No one is asking anyone to post their stats. There is an e-mail address for athletes who are interested in the project. It's interesting geySuS, I wonder if maybe you could convince your friends that they should get together and do their own thing instead of causing straight fighters to resent them because of their thread posting behavior.

And CharlesFFA/AFA:

Since you are obviously interested in doing gay porn for money, I suggest that you go someplace else. That's not what this project is about.

Actually I wouldnt do gay porn but your gay fetish wrestling documentary sounds acceptable if it pays enough :).

Like I said Charles, go play with your friends. We don't want you. You've been rejected again. No wonder there is so much gay bashing going on. Go away.

lol whatever dude, for what it´s worth i hope you get your applicants (no i don´t think you´re really a gay auditioning firm lol).

And what about female grapplers? Do we have to send a no-shirt picture as well? Do the women grapplers also have to be gay?

I know you don't, and I appreciate that geySuS, now what about your crazy friends?

Obviously, I can't be in it, but my buddy George C would love to do the documentary.

I think he goes by the screenname "Buck Naked."

As long as you are a female grappler with no-shirt, you are always welcome.

Finally, a little humor. What a relief.


I've been rejected from gay porn twice in one day... what a shame :(.

Charles, you already showed your true colors when you slipped up a few posts ago. We rejected you because you wanted to get paid for doing gay porn, and I told you that's not what this is about. Don't try to change your story. It's all right there a few post back for everyone to see. Now go do a project with all your gay friends and you won't feel so rejected.

geySuS where are you? Can you talk to Charles? I think he is hurting.

ok fine.. i want to do gay porn. we all know your trying to cast for your gay porn video. how much are you willing to pay me to rail your "submission grapplers"?

CharlesFFA: Perhaps if you try sending in a new pictures of yourself wearing daisy dukes.