Hi there.

Do you know me? So WTF comment is this about me selling belts!?

I don't sell belts at all Mr. doesn't matter the price you try to offer me. When a student of mine is promoted to a higher belt is because he/she deserves it.

You should start training BJJ if you don't train yet and go for a training session with Tony to fell his level then you can have an opinion if he is or not a BJJ Black Belt.

Besides this training test you should know that Tony trained BJJ in Brazil with Ze Mario Sperry for a while and here with Chris De Weaver, Luke Picklum, Adam Kayoom, etc, long before I've come to Australia and he started training with me.

So please don't talk about what you don't know and don't offend me saying things like that.



Hey Paulo

Im not a bjj guy so i was Asking how much your BB grading was if at all you have to pay for them.

Yeah your right, i dont know what im talking abou,and im sure Tony would kick my ass but then so would any white belt.

Im intrested in the Whole skipping of the belts,im not saying its bad, ive just never heard of a Bjj guy skip more than 2 belts at a time.

But thanks for sort of Answering one of my questions and please dont feel offended.



Thats what happens when you say things as you see them :D

BJ PENN advanced real quick and is a good comparison to Tony. Both had the money to afford to train privately for L O N G periods. As Paulo mentioned Tony lived with Ze Mario for 9 months.


not interested.