I started a thread asking about how to get into Greco Roman/Freestyle once my season is over. You gave me a link to the USA wrestling site listing all the clubs in my state. Are those clubs mainly just the highschool teams? I ask because their season would be over too and I'm not sure if they would want someone from a rival team working out with them. Thanks.

they shouldn't have a problem with it. in the offseason, most of the top kids train with guys from other schools.. only way to get better.

Thanks Todd. Are any of the clubs on the list not affiliated with high schools?

Yeah, as Todd said, they usually dont mind. Most freestyle clubs are in relation to highschool teams, but they are usually open to anyone who wants to attend. In highschool, I couldnt find anywhere to practice in the off season, so I practiced with a near by high school, that was also a big rival with my school. Sometimes, I even practiced with them during season, ie. Christmas break. You would be suprised at how hospitalable some wrestlers/coaches are, even though they may be from rival teams.

Oh, and another link that you may find useful: