Attn: Sven Bean


I posted on other threads, but I felt that that wasn't the place to properly thank you for all that you have done for our sport, and me personally.


Last week, you offered to help me, without any concern for personal gain. This is a true sign to me, of your honor and dedication to help people progress.

I still do not know if you were able to help. I don't care. The fact that you were willing to take time out of your schedule to help someone that you hardly know, is enough for me. Because of this selfless act, I will always consider you to be my friend.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. If, in the future, you require any assistance in any matter, please feel free to let me know. I will do anything in my power to help.

I wish you continued success, and happiness.

Yours in sport!

Jeff Strickland

UG, Please help me keep this up so that an honorable member of the fight community can read this, and know how we all feel.

Sven is good for the sport.


Sven works really hard for this sport. You should see the events he puts together in Denver.

Ring of FIre

Battle Quest

Fight nights at Red & Jerry's

Supporting and promoting dozens of fighters in the mid west.

Props to Sven and his wife (she works just as hard)

With so many grumblings and rumors in this sport about bad/shady/diabolical promoters, you rarely see positive threads like this.


Matter of fact, Sven Bean and Dave Gomez always have nothing but positive things being said about them & their business practices.

Sven is a great guy and is amazing for the sport of MMA

Not to mention kickboxing!!


Sven is one of the best guys in the sport, no question.


Man you guys are great!

Jeff.. e-mail me next week after my show and we will continue.

To all.. I truly love this sport. It is in my blood. I can honestly say that this sport has changed my life. I have met a lot of great people, travelled the world, and made some life long relationships. Kid Justice is right, my wife does work extremely hard. When I started she supported me but could care less about this sport. Now she watches every show with me, can tell you who fought who last and how they won. She can see a submission being set up and yells at the Tv when a fighter doesn't keep his damn hands up! I have created a monster! She is the life of my UFC parties and keeps me sane during the hour before the door opens at my live events (this is huge!) I am ver lucky.

I have worked with some great promoters who share the same passion as I do. Saul Soliz, Jeff Osborne, Victory Jay, Eric Moon.. the list is long.

This is a group effort and I know that with everyone working together, even Manny.. LOL, we will get this sport where it belongs: MAINSTREAM.

I am proud to be part of this great fight community.

In Sport,

Sven BOOGIE Bean


Manny Reyes,

you have not given him a real challenge. What promotion? How much does he get paied?

Manny, I know you... You are a punk that has never fought anyone credible in MMA. Although I am not a NHB fighter, I love the sport. The credit goes to people like Sven and Bang, who have taken people like me under there wing and tried to help them.

You are a lowlife worthless coward if you think that your mouth is the only reason for you to get into a big time show. I have fought Muay Thai for about twelve years, and I am just now starting to get some recognition with a 33-5-0 record. You have to earn your way into the big show, and son, you haven't done that.

If you take issue with anything that I have said, please email me at We can iron our problems out in any format that you see fit. But I can tell you, there is no need for you to come on a thread I started, and bad mouth anyone. You are on my last nerve, and people that know me will tell you, I am not the one for you to piss off. This BS of yours, is beginning to irritate everyone. Grow up, grow a set of nut, and pay your dues. If it is meant to be, you will get your shot. 



OK, now it's time someone bans this asshole!

Manny.. all this "rough" talk is making me horny. I think I love you..

-Sven "Why can't I be like Manny" Bean

LOL at Sven!

I was actually laughing with my wife when replying, I told her "watch.. I will put Manny's name here and he is going to jump on here and make a stink"

Dude.. you are so easy. Don't you understand that the whole community is laughing their asses off at you?

too funny..

I actually agree! The funny thing is, at least to me, is that this post was put up, so that people could let you know how they feel about what you have done for our sport(s), and Manny just couldn't stand it, that people were talking about someone other than him. Talk about being self absorbed!!

 I have a 100 lbs daughter, that mops the floor with 155 lbs boys, I really don't see why Manny would be any different!! LOL!

Manny there is already a thread about you and Bang on the "What if Manny could fight?" forum. If you keep hijacking this thread about you being a fighter it will be moved to the "What if Manny could fight?" forum as well. But then we will just put up another thread honoring Sven.


TTT. Hey Sven when is Pete fighting again? I hate that he doesn't post on here any more. That's sweet Bang is fight BJ. You are so lucky to see that live. Will Pete answer any post directed to him or do we have to go through you to speak to Pete?