Attn: Sven 'Boogie' Bean


Please give me a call we have lots to talk about.

Thanks Bro,

Shawn Tompkins


How come you weren't at the show?

Was gonna go with Mark, but travel time became short. I really hate that I missed the show. Of course Mark told me how great it was.

No worries I will be at the next one.......


Don't worry little Chris is more corrupted than the two of us put together......

And I am sure we'll corrupt Mark at the next event together.

Chris is definately a future TKO Champion he's only 16yrs old and dominating in stand up and grappling with adults.

And his training partner is the Machine....

Damn, that's a pretty scary prospect.


London is filled with bad dudes.

JHR. YEs I did thank you so much you are the man. My wife is very happy too! I owe ya

JHR is pretty amazing for his age as well.

all set up... JHR is the man, my wife is happy!