wh do you have to act like such asses when you are out and about?

think back to two weeks ago at J.D.'s...

show some class..enough people know who you guys are

trying to goad guys into fights by saying "you see my ear? I'm a fucking fighter"..childish at best

you never know who your audience might be

why bring shit like that to a public forum? if you want to discuss with them i will send you there email or phone number.  who is the child?

hahaha this is so two weeks ago. Oh and i think everyone knows who there audience is at Just Dirtys. FAT BITCHES whut.

AliRaps, who are you and why would you put something like this on here?

"The Audience" should pay attention to who was really starting shit!

I agree with JLavalley!!!

Oh shit. I don't get out enough! Just kidding. But I do agree if shit happens somewhere, why bring it to a public forum?