Attn: Taku


What are your thoughts on the GXP vs. Tabata protocol?

"As many of you know, the GXP calls for five minutes of warm-up, five minutes of steady state at about 85% of heart rate maximum, and a five minutes cool-down. The Tabata protocol is generally the same in terms of warm-up and cool-down, but the work period is different: 6-8 very high intensity reps of 20 seconds separated by 10-second rest intervals."

I am much more a fan of the interval style then any steady state protocol. That being said I personally feel that if you are not training "cardio" at at least 85% you are wasting your time.



In regards to your interval program. What if you don't get into the 90-100% MHR until the last few seconds of the sprinting portion of the intervals. For example, my
MHR is 190. During the active rest part of the interval, my HR is about 152. When I enter the sprint phase my HR builds up to the 90-100% range, but I only spend a couple of seconds in that range, then I cycle down again. Should I be spending the full 30 seconds in that range and then resting?