Attn: The Milkman (re: Murph)

I can't find the thread where we had the discussion on how the Crossfit workout Murph should be performed. However, I have been vindicated!

Since the question about breaking this up comes up all the time, I asked Coach about it back in November -- here was his reply:


Michael Murphy's description for this workout included the following, "1 mile run, then 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 squats in any order as long as the #'s were met, followed by another 1 mile run"

So, my interpretation is that "Cindy" style would be OK.


Hope that's helpful.



(Seriously, I've tried it "Cindy" style, straight through and a mix of both. All are ass kickers.)

I did my own version of somethng instead of "Murph".

1/2 mile of stair sprints.

Meta-bolic push-pull-squat circuits.

1/2 mile stair sprints.

Circuits are as follows. Each circuit is done as fast as possible with no rest between exercises.


24 push-ups

24 resisted punches on each arm with heavy Lifeline band

24 standing flys with heavy Lifeline band

12 explosive (clapping) push-ups.


24 Standing rows with heavy Lifeline band

24 (on each arm) High pulls with heavy Lifeline band

24 straight arm pulldowns with cable

12 Med-Ball slams (4 KG Ball)

Squat: (done while holding 8kG ball)

24 squats to below paralelle

24 lunges

24 split squat jumps (rotation added with ball as legs switch positions)

12 vertical jumps (squat and jump as high as possible.

That was good enough for me.


That sounds like ouch to me. How many times did you do the circuit?