I thought word=bond?

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LOL! i love when people bring up the "post count" retort

it's all about quality over quantity! don't forget that (ie. CRE)

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word = BONG


FROM: (Rap Dictionary) interjection

word is bond

Saying this means that what you are saying is absolutely correct, and you do not have to put up money to prove it, you just say it. The term originates from the financial markets where, historically, traders would tell each other, "my word is bond", i.e. my word is good enough, you don't need it in writing.

This term is also in the lessons of the Nation Of Islam and 5% "Have you not learned that your word is bond? Yes, my word is bond and bond is life, I shall give my life, before my word shall fail."

Cause I'm frontin' in my ride, and my word is bond -- L.L. Cool J (The Boomin' System [1990]).

The phrase "Word is Bond" is either the title of, or mentioned in songs by L.L. Cool J, House of Pain, Brand Nubian, 5th Ward Boyz, Ice T, The Johnstones, Danko Jones, Dead Prez, Ginuwine, Redman, Onyx, etc.

If you google "Word is Born" you only get one song by RUN D.M.C.

I think all the ones who used "Word is Bond" got it right.  I'm just sayin.

Larry Blackman knows.

word = BORN on december 25, 0 AD whenever MayheM popped out of his momma's hoo-ha.

LOFL @ BigBopper! Very clever!

December 24th 1980 actually.






Pop pop pop pop,
Grab your chest,
Now ya bleedin(punk)lead out ya asshole [x4]

I break it off,
like a kit-kat,
Casue ya cant git that,
Worth while style,
Underground sound,
So now your frontin,
Tryin to fake it,
Complain ya never make it,
And pretty soon you're open Butt naked,
So your ass starts to rob and steel,
Madd jealous cause my shit's got mass appeal,
And now I'm rhymin wit Diamond D,
With some brand new shit for the year of '93,
I got a loop on my crate,
And I'm duckin,
The way I'm rhymin on the break,
Till the brothers, fuck it,
Ya know I got the funky sound,
Ya still up un the air,
Cause last year I said jump around,
I'm rollin thick,
So I know you see me,
I got mad little white kids,
Wishin' they could be me,
So dont step up Cause I'm a come out blastin',
You just a quickie,
Punk, I'm Everlastin.

[Repeat chorus]

Mayhem has spoken!

Word = born

I thought that 'bird' was the word ... sheesh.

Hey, Mayem!  When's the next show coming out?!


"I thought it was Word = Bond"?

ROR!!! Here we go again.



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