ATTN: TheAdonis (Info Products)

Hey Adonis,

You seem to always have some good info and a while back you talked about some informational products you sold online (Players Bible, iirc).

I was wondering if you could post some info about how you went about it. I sell info products myself and would love to see someone elses take on it. Especially considering you sold a shit load of them.

Thanks again.

p.s. I will FedEx you a Diet Dr.Pepper, if you choose.

well, basically I wrote notes (points of interest) and broke them into chapters.

Then from that shell I elaborated on each 'chapter'. I wrote it in two days, saved them as html pages, then burnt them onto a cd. I bought a cd duplicator and started spitting them out. I was selling $1500-$2500 worth of them per week, most of that pure profit. For a while it was one of the most ripped off products on the internet. I couldn't have chased down 1/1000th of the copyright infringement mofos' if i'd had unlimited resources, let alone unlimited time.

that said, I see some "guru's" that stole my chapter updates on "picking up strippers" and selling it and using it as their own. Some of them are even doing vegas seminars now charging $3,000 for it.

HINT: I was the one around the strip club industry for over 6 years, that dork neil straus was NOT, never has been, and never will be around the industry... and mystery AFC'ed out for some chick in 'the game'. Either of them would've been eaten alive by any fucking midwest hick strippers the first 5 years of being 'PUA's".

So all that said, it is hard to prove, and was a chapter in my life that i'd like to leave behind. I cringe everytime some dude is in a bar/club and is acting like he's read my cd a thousand times and memorized its contents (not sure if that is/was the case or not) but sometimes I wish i'd never written that fuckin' thing. Wrote it in my early/mid twenties and kinda wish I would have done something more constructive.

I have other ideas for e-books, but there are no respect for copyrights in America, so why put a pen to paper ever again when i'm just going to be giving these vampires free material.

nowadays people expect automatic downloads after paying via credit card. IF I were you, i'd pony up some cash and put it in book form so there is a 'higher barrier' to entry for people wanting to steal it. That will weed out 90% of the douchebags because they will literally be too lazy to copy it via typing out each page.

good luck, and email me if you need any advice.

Can I get copy of the part about picking up strippers?

My friend thinks he is good at getting stripper's numbers, but never manages to close the deal.



Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. If you wouldn't mind me asking a few more quick questions...

You mentioned before that you sold your CD on Ebay.

Did ebay work well for that product?

What did you charge for the CD?

Thanks again. might be one route for self-publishing.

with OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) pretty much anything can be automatically scanned then quickly touched up to fix errors in a hour or so.

worse case someone just scans the whole book as picture files.

to pick up a stripper just get some speed/coke/E.....


ttt for more info