Attn: TheSeanster

heard MS is giving out Virtual PC for Windows to MSDN members....

I'm planning on getting the Linux version of VMWare as my main virtualization tool, but I'd like something for Windows as well if it's cheap/free.

any idea if the Microsoft Alliance is giving out copies of Virtual PC? My school is a member of it.

Rob, I have VMware for Windows and Linux. As well as Virtual PC if you are interested.

They are all "Free"

thanks, but I'd rather buy it, for some odd reason.

ok. Just thought I would throw the offer out there. lol

if you want to buy it, I can "sell" it to you. =^)

lol, you guys are too much. :)

I don't want a cracked version because later on I might end up using it to make crude ass honeypots... do you really trust warez guys to not plant shit in there?

well, the only crack for VMware is the serial number and you download the app directly from VMware. So yeah, I trust it.


email sent

thank you!