attn: theseanster

Hey sean,

Thanks for your time. I have a couple of quick (hopefully) questions for you.

About a year ago you posted a couple of sites with all kinds of contract work on it. I was hoping you could post it again.

I was also wondering how you list your contract work on your resume? I just moved back into contract work and was wondering if you have a section for it or if it's lumped in with your other work experience.

Thanks a million.

Well, there's Rip-a coder (rent a coder .com) and, and if you are dead serious, check out PACE

As far as my resume, it looks exactly like a work history entry for an employer. That's the best policy. Put the comany name, position, date range, and a good description. During the interview, I let them know which jobs were contracts. They can usually tell, especially if you are going for another contract job.