ATTN: Thewood

I have come to realize I should have let you shave my head in would have been a hell of a lot easier than doing it myself...stupid jobs that don't let people have mohawks

thank you dougie

u could have looked respectable in montreal with us without that stupid green mohawk

now all u have to do i work on the unibrow and you can actually hangout with us again, well and the pyjama pants too


the unibrow will be going soon too...chalk that one up to promises to a fiancee haha

I just noticed the unibrow.

really? it usually jumps out at people and tries to bite them, you must be one of the lucky few

I didnt notice at first either, had 2 scroll back up, and still donno how i missed it!! lol

part of my concern parting my brows is that it'll sever the power it gives me...kinda like sampson cutting his hair...

A couple of people come to mind

i dont think my head is as pointy but the hair and the brow definitely could have been me this past weekend!

Ok then

the right head shape this time but the outside parts of the brow look shaped...i told my fiancee i would get it split but no way in hell i'm shaping them...and that lipstick colour wouldn't compliment my skin tone

The tongue ring + unibrow combo must be a ladykiller! Your fiance wants you to get rid of it so she doesn't have to worry about the other ladies...

Don't give into the pressure!

dont say your getting rid of the unibrow for your women, do it for yourself. havent u looked like that long enough? enough is enough, good luck with it though bro

lol thanks, theREALwood

no problem felix,

your just a misguided soul one of many