Well, I figured maybe we could see what was up beings he posts here. Dana said that you pulled out of the fight with Ken and that your future in the UFC is unclear. Can you maybe give us some info on why your future with the UFC is unclear? Is it because of the injury or is it another contract dispute?



Tito is scared of shamrock he duckin him once and his doing it again ( k i know it's a troll but let me believe in the lie )


he would fare better staying in the UFC rather than going to Pride, imo.

He's not going to Pride.

Please he just schooled Forrest on one leg... He certainly is not afraid of Ken who he already made look foolish.

He is afraid of goin to another CLOSE decision and finally LOSING 1

I don't think tito even likes fighting. He had a bad outing, then got boo'd bad. I wouldn't be suprised if he's in hiding up in big bear.