Don't forget to bring your A game tomorrow. First I am going to pass your guard via cartwheel, then I am going to destroy you in Madden.

Please don't back out.

Thank you..

Dude, he was talking about your mom and making fun of your name on the OG...I'm pretty sure it was him. You should choke him all the way out, imo.

LOL mods, move this to the whatif ground. I am going to beat you into a living death.

it doesn't matter who wins...

tjmitch pwns all of you in hairstyle.

fabes is correct. I rock. Plus, my rapping skills are second to none.

Erik, Mouth's former hairdo doesn't count. He no longer rocks that flavorful do.

Plus, he ain't got nothin' on "The tjmitch".

build: Thin


I think that's Pedro Martinez.

Or maybe B Real???