Attn: Todd Margolis

Where are you going to be in ATL. It is a BIG city.LOL My school is in Athens (about 1hr outside ATL). I would love to have you out for a workshop.

Adam Singer


Thanks for the interest. I will be in Atlanta April 16th thru 18th. Not sure exactly where, but I will email you directly with my contact information.


Hopefully we can set up a workshop.

Oh dear gawd...Todd Margolis from Team Lloyd Irvin and Adam Singer from SBG!?!? That will be one hell of a workshop!!!


Thanks Philip. If we can get Todd here than I am 100% student.LOL


No prob. I know of SBG only through you guys that post here and Matt's writing on his web site. I've always been impressed with the entire organization. Todd I know personaly since I'm Lloyd's student. His BJJ/grappling skills are amazing.

I have to second that UGA girls statement.


On the other thread you stated," I think when the character of a top black belt in the sport (and therefore a representative of the sport) is being questioned it therefore is not just "gossip." Though it shouldn't effect our training, it should concern us."

Concern us why? Because we should be concerned that someone can so easily attack another person's character? Or because we are actually concerned about everyones individual character? Have we become the character police? Your character has nothing to do with my training, and vice-versa. I judge you not by the questioning of your character by others, but my own personal experiences. I think, at best, the allegations are interesting, but certainly not warranting of concern. I am not perfect by any stretch, but I have noticed that egos (mine included) have us constantly "concerned" about what others, not directly in contact with us, are doing. ie. who got promoted first. Big deal. If there were ten black belts in my school that got tapped out by white belts, does that make me less of a black belt? I hope not, because it has nothing to do with me. Life is hard enough being concerned about myself & my family, let alone what somebody I may see 5x a year does. That guy is on his own when it comes to being concerned. I wouldn't care if he was Bruce Lee. I for one have a job and other hobbies, which makes it that much easier for me to go out and compete. If I lose, I lose. I go home Todd the youngest of five children. Todd the account executive for a lender. Todd the wild man. Todd the friend. Jiu Jitsu does not define me, it compliments me. We all make mistakes, and I don't have enough energy to be mad at everybody on the planet. These are my thoughts and I welcome yours.

Train hard and I will see you on the mat!!


Todd well said brother!! I to train under Prof sauer how be it way under(4 stripe white) this is the way it should be. Worry about you and how you represent youself. There are more things in life that are importnat than the he said she said BS props to you

If you get around the Madison Wi area we'd love to have you stop by to grapple
Peace brother,