Attn: Tom Grubb/Keoni/Hard Drive

If someone can please have Tom Grubb (or someone that can relay a message to him) please email me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM, I would appreciate it!

Thanks! :)


you sure are a nice guy always with your smiley faces and shit




I was out in California last October and never even got around to meeting you. That would have been AWESOME! You have always cracked me up on here!!!

Ps. I AM a nice guy! lol

I'll probably see him wednesday if I remember I'll relay the message.

Training with him tomorrow. I will let him know. Is that all uppercase Ron? Or is the "BZLJJ" lowercase? I forget.

Thanks guys!

Jesse emailed me, and I relayed the message to him! But, Keoni, please email me anyway, as I could always use your email address for future purposes! :)


Ps. Lower or upper case, it isn't case sensitive.

lol yeah thats what im saying!

i dare you to get irritated right now lol