Attn: Tommy Trauma

We've lost communication and I was wondering if you still were interested in having your team come to Key West for the NACC.

I need the following:

155er Amateur with under 5 fights

185er Amateur with 2 or less fights

Possible 205er with 2 or less fights

Possible Pro 170er with 10 or less fights

Let me know if you are interested:

F-15, I have a brand new 155lb amateur,a tough kid , a 205lb amateur, a 3-0 175 to 185 lb guy, and a few other fighters around and below 155lbs; both pro and amateur. Check out my website @ and shoot me an e-mail to and let me know who you might want to use and the terms. Then I'll know better what you're looking for. Leave me you're # and I'll contact you. Thanks, Tommy T

You got it.  Thanks for the response.  BTW, aren't you fighting soon?  If so, best wishes man.

I'll email you Tuesday about what I can use.  Thanks again. 

Email sent