Attn: Tony - Focus in competition?


I find that sometimes, when I fight (I am a competitive Thai Boxer in the UK) I seem to get overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the crowd and lose focus on my opponent.

Usually I start thinking about the crowd more than my opponent, which is obviously not good.

This problem does not occur when it is a small venue of say 200 people, but when the crowd is large, say about 600+, then the atmosphere can get a bit much for me to concentrate on my opponent 100%.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can overcome this, or at least control it? Or possibly explain why it happens?

Look forward to your response,


SHort & sweet for now as I'm real busy....

The more you focus on the math, the more you focus on the math.

DOnt let math beat you!

If you can fight one person - you can fight two, just fight one person twice!

This is a performance enhancement philosophy.If you can fight in front of 200 then you can fight in front of 2000!

As for why it intimidates you - you need to introspect and discover why the crowd's opinion interferes [or...inter-fears!] with your goals? When you discover that it shouldnt and therefore cant, just get in there, and focus on the opponent.

In other words, stop watching the fight from outside the ring!! Your job is inside. :-)

Best of luck.


Thanks Tony!