ATTN: Tony

Tony--I have an NHB fight coming up in Oct. and a muay Thai fight a month later. I had my first fight last fall, got put in with a ringer and got KO'd at the end of the second round. AS a result, I'm a little...ah..."apprehensive" about getting back in there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Paul

Paul - sorry I missed your question, it slipped down, worse, I'm preparing for 2 weeks of seminars and can't afford anytime right now.

The only thing I can tell you is that confronting your fears is the ONLY way to overcome them. Jump back in their with a plan. Trying to win is nnoy a plan, the plan is what you are doing during the rounds.

The result is irrelevent at this level [though we all want to win].

Often times the fear of losing actually makes us losers becuase we end up making bad decisions becuase we are letting fear dictate our strategies.

Use the fear to prepare properly. Use the fear to train intelliegently. Crush the fear by laughing at it and going for it. The guys inside the ring have my respect.

Remember, this is your NEXT fight, not your last fight. Forget about it.


PS THe 'ringer' element is an unsafe aspect of our sport and the result of irrpesonsible prmoters who would be criminily responsible if they knew about the mismatch.

FOr confrontaiton management purposes, you go fight this next fight for yourself. No winning and losing, just to jump bag in and forget about the result for now.

For safety purposes make it clear to the promoter that your opponent better be your level.

Best of luck.


thanks Tony...that is just how I'm approaching it. It's just a sport, a bit rougher than most. thanks for the advice, it is more than enough--good luck with your seminars.

Thanks again,