Attn: Toronto Clubs

I got a friend that is moving around the area of King W. and Dufferin. Just wondering what BJJ clubs there are close by.


Mark's club is not far from there, east to Portland.
The only major intersection to pass going east is
Bathurst, then Portland is the next lights. Portland
& King.

Mark who? Bochek?

Mark Stables, White Tiger.

Mark Stables club is definately the place to go.

Mark Stables is awesome



Where is Karma from downtown? 10mins? 20mins?

Depensd on the traffic, but I would say that it's at least 35-40 minutes from where your friend is. If he wants to check out Karma, he should try our 12pm classes Wed, Fri, and Saturday.

Mark Stables is a nice guy, and he should definately pop in.

karma is in woodbridge. if you're downtown..let's say in the yonge university area.. actually unless you're near a highway or expressway its gonna be about 30 -45mins.

What about Omar's club?


I think you're thinking of the old Rebellion at Queen and Spadina.

Omar and Steve opened a new club at Vic Park and Finch. Mark's club, which used to be one and the same as Omar's/Steve's moved a few blocks to King and Bathurst.


Hey Rock-o

Omar and I run Rebellion Jiu-Jitsu ( located on the North York/Scarborough border. We were downtown last year, with Mark Stables. But we since expanded, and now we have 2 clubs between the three of us.

The clubs are seperately managed but in spirit, we remain one team. Mark and us remain team-mates and we share some students that go to both clubs.

Of course your friend is welcome to come to our club. But check out Mark's place too as he's got a sweet setup. His club is definately closest to King and Dufferin.

take care,

Thanks guys!