Attn: Total Combat Tiajuana Guy

We've got a problem here.

One of my teammates, Martin Gannt, has been training for a fight on the 30th in your promotion. To this day, he trains.

Not once has he been contacted about an opponent, and is beginning to get concerned. Adam Salas provided you with his contact information, which we thought to be correct (perhaps miscomnmunication?), but apparently he was never called, and still does not know which opponent he will be facing, if he even has one to face.

As the promoter of the event... you might wanna hit him up, man. Finding out 2 weeks before a fight that you ain't got one is no way to go, and this guy's ready to rip someone's fuckin head off in the cage.

Get back to me...

Dave, do you think Eddie looks better without facial hair?

No preference?

I think Eddie would look good with one of those haircuts like his cartoon cousin Johnny has.

you got mail

Sorry Martin, was never booked..

DAVE DAVE DAVE. I already talked to both Eric and Martin about this. There was no need for this thread. Everything was worked out days ago. You should have called me before starting this thread. SOMEONE should have called me about this. Eric is not at fault. It was just miscommunication. Eric has tried calling Martin numerous amounts of times, Martin NEVER picks up his phone. I also talked to Martin about this 2 days ago.




Thank you Eric, I appreciate the prority with which you responded to me. Good business. Martin regrets the miscommunication, and hopes to be in touch in the future.

"Eric is not at fault."

We know, BRO.

If "WE" knew, why in the hell was this thread started in the first place, BRO?

I love fights in TJ

I am doing match-ups now for next event.. Lets lock him in for July... have him call me... OR I will try and get ahold of Martin this week..


this is weird, usually mexicans are very punctual and organized.........??

Eric- I'll call you this weekend with Martin on hand.