Attn: TPK re rolling toe hold

On the rolling toe hold you pulled off on the Sub 101 DVD are you controlling the leg before you start to roll or are you scooping it up while you are rolling.  I hadn't seen anyone go for the toe hold like this and thought it was a pretty slick move.


For a mere $70, I'd be happy to give you a private lesson and explain it all in detail.


Just kidding.

From the position I was in, it's sometimes difficult to control my opponent's foot with both hands before I roll. So, sometimes I have to secure it while rolling.

So you just kind of go for the shoulder roll and scoop the leg with your right arm in transition.  Cool move.  I'm going to try it out tonight.  Please let me know where to send my $70 check.  :) 

My only advice is that you be very careful when doing this move. It has the potential to get very tight very fast. I once injured a teammate in practice using this move and I had not yet even tightened it to finish it. Also, before you start sparring, make sure your partner is aware that you might try a toe-hold. If you are practicing with a beginner, he might not have practiced toe-holds before. Also, be aware that in standard BJJ rules (i.e., WITH the gi), such toe-holds are illegal for white, blue, and purple belts.


Looks like I'm not rolling with you for a while. Please don't try that on me.

TPK, thanks for the warning/advice.

TPK, do you lick the toes in transition, or just after you have it locked into place?

Travis, you will take my toe hold and like it! 

andre, I usually lick the toes after. That part must have been cut out of the video.

They missed the best part! It would have been cool to see it in slow motion.