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attn. train judo

I dont think you are whitty and i dont think you are funny and i think you are worthless and should not breath our air. jump into traffic. please make my day by trying to insult me with your 3rd grade level comebacks.
train puto

que retarded fail pics

i say we ban train judo. his jerkoff antics are irritating already.

ehh the only good one was the fire truck on fire. good try tho guys

i like train judo and dont have a fuk'n clue who he is although i feel kinda bad for him being from michigan and all.. go buckeyes.ttt

Train Judo is routinely in the top 5 most entertaining people on here.

this thread fails even further...

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LOL @ "whitty"




lol. i love it

 About time someone started a thread worth reading. 

cat-fail.jpg picture by TheDropper 


tyronebiggams - que retarded fail pics

I assume you mean for this thread.

tyronebiggams - que retarded fail pics

I assume you mean for this thread.

wtf are you talking about? of course i ment this thread i know exactly how the ug works.

typical ug thread
"ufc sucks"
"edit, sorry double post"
"ufc sucks"
ufc sucks"
"ufc sucks"


man i wish i had a blue name so i could be a fucking retard like you

TJ, don't even post here, this guy ain't worth it.