Attn: Tulkas

Hey Buddy,

I'd really ilke to get some feedback from you on the "My religion = Scientology" thread when you get a chance! If you'd rather email me, feel free (

Hey dude, sorry I haven't checked that thread since I posted (I couldn't remember where I posted to you and I didn't want to read the thread because everyone already layed into rnaviaux about being a scientologist not that long ago).

I was in a pissy mood and when I read your responses to Donna Troy they just seemed really flipant and rude. I don't really know what your intention was and I should have kept my mouth shut. I just always think of you as increadibly level headed and cool with everyone, so I was surprised (again, I really don't know if I read too much into it).

Anyway, not a big deal and I'm sorry that I probably came off as an ass.



No proplem...after I read your post, I probably read that thread 5 times trying to figure out what I wrote that pissed you off...

The only post I had on that thread towards Donna was pure sarcasm...

Anyway, no big deal, I just wanted to make sure I didn't inadvertedly offend someone...

And I don't know anything about her or your past interactions with her. I'll keep my stupid mormon mouth shut from now on!!!