Attn Twin Cities comedy fans/alcoholics

Tomorrow night I'm putting on a comedy benefit show for an animal rescue charity. I'll be performing first. Its $10 for 7 awesome comics and all the money goes to the charity. Also if you pay $20 you get a wristband that lets you get unlimited beer, wine, and food all night. You really can't beat that. Its at the MN Saloon on Robert St in downtown St Paul. Make sure not to confuse it with The Saloon in Mpls. That's a whole other thing. Doors open at 7, show starts at 8. Come say hi to me, I'm the bald overweight tattooed guy.

Same place, same time on Sunday night. Sunday is to benefit my brothers medical mission charity. It will be a different lineup of comics except a few of us. Ill be going on right before the headliner Sunday. Unfortunately no unlimited beer, food thing but I think they have 2 for 1s, I'm on the wagon so I don't really keep track. It would be cool to meet some of you in person. You'll have a great time. There's probably going to be more room at the Sunday one cause on Saturday we are in a smaller back room. Sunday we have the whole place. Both shows are going to be great though. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt since its raining Phone Post 3.0

Shoot, I can't get up to the cities this weekend but that sounds like a fun time. One thing that blew me away about the twin cities is how many places you can see comedy. It's pretty awesome.

Good luck!

Just perform at Goonies Comedy Club in Rochester so I can watch Phone Post 3.0

Good luck bro. Wish I could make it

Aaron Becker - Just perform at Goonies Comedy Club in Rochester so I can watch Phone Post 3.0


I plan on it eventually for sure! What day is their open mic? If nothing else I'll drive down for that Phone Post 3.0

Just bumping this for the last time. $10 for admission. Doors at 7, comedy starts at 7:30. Too long to go into everything the charity does, but this is a one man show basically. He doesn't even keep any of the money. Every cent goes to help kids in Namibia get and stay healthy. Every kid deserves this chance IMO. Phone Post 3.0