ATTN: UFC Fighters-This is how you can protest

Not satisfied with the Reebok pay?
Not happy with the invasive PED policy?
Here is how you can protest:
No fighter fills out their whereabouts

If all/enough fighters do not fill them out, imagine how many events will be in danger of canceling.

So you get "sanctioned".
It will only be severe for you if only a few fighters don't post their whereabouts.
UFC will be running a bad operation if more than half their roster is in "sanction" and cannot compete. Phone Post 3.0

I understand people being upset with the Reebok pay.   But why the fuck are people upset about trying to get MMA to be a clean sport for all involved.  Everyone hates cheaters, but they don't want to fucking catch them.   I want everyone to be making more money AND being put through stringent testing.

legalize it... and i will advertise it... ye'ah

we just need UFC branded roids, sponsored by Reebok and solve all deez problems. Phone Post 3.0