Instead of Kimbo v Mitrione, I wanna see the rematch of the ages.

Can Kimbo regain his honor and find vengeance for his CBS loss?

Or will Silverback Seth school the Mr. Slice and go up 2-0?

I mean especially with the Shamrock fight and the Houston Alexander fight in Boston falling apart....

I like Seth and feel bad!

He deserves to be in the octagon for sure, especially if Kimbo is still there.

So UFC, Dana, whoever needs to see this....MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

Already In Use - Regain his honor? It's just an MMA fight. Kimbo got caught and pummled. he lost fair and square.

 well yeah, but up until that moment, kimbo was somewhat comparable to a mythical beast...

he was hyped and built into a ratings magnet and was on the peak of his fame when all of a sudden...BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!! Then it was over.

He still has some of the fame left due to who he is but Seth slayed Kimbo and changed history that night...

Let's get this brave hero a decent fight in a decent company...

Plus, he is probably ready to go and I know Seth wouldn't turn it down!!!

Let's see it for the April 17th Strikforce-counter card!!!


 give me the contract to sign.

Seth vs Kimbo II or Seth vs Toney sounds good to me.

please sign seth, he deserves it

Chill__Owl - Seth vs Kimbo II or Seth vs Toney sounds good to me.

Chill_Owl has the right idea...either of those fights.

Give Seth the chance to become a legend for slaying what most would call "freakshows".

ttt a good idea, fight will look totally different considering the new training Kimbo's gotten since joining UFC

This is the best option for UFC to use Kimbo...

Seth is rightfully due a chance to repeat history and beat Kimbo once again!

Dana knows it needs to happen!

The angle/storyline is HUGE! (see above post)

SETH/KIMBO 2 !!!!!!!

Please Dana Please!!!

No offense to Mitrione but the money is in the rematch!!!

UFC + Seth Petruzelli vs Kimbo Slice = Massive Ratings!!!!

do it Dana!

: )



Rocky II - Electric Boogaloo!!

Give Seth this fight!