Dan Swift says that he will put a boxing/jiu jitsu clinic on when he fights me on January 31st in Mansfeild, Ohio at the O.F.A. event being held.


Folks, I would like to let you know that I will be bringing my sharpie, and to anyone sitting at least 3 or 4 rows back, if you are to catch Swifty's head when I fucking knock it off, bring it to me and I will give you a free autograph. It will be a great souvenier!

BTW: Dan I know you will be reading this and I want you to know the only clinic you will be around for a while is the trauma clinic getting your CAT scan after I knock you out, making sure you don't have brain damage. I thought you would have learned about calling out real men after Jake Short whipped your ass. You better tighten your game up before you think about teaching me(or anyone else) anything!

The Great White Pimp is in the hizzy!!!

MAG: Why?

Also, why do you care? Get a life!

he sure did bite off more than he can chew with jake!! that was a clinic!!!

Hey I did not know you were joking, MAG. Sorry. Give me a clue though, how was I to tell you were kidding? What's BOP? I am a full cantact fighter, not a computer whiz! Never claimed to be Einstein or anything, GOSH!

That being said, I am still going to shut Swifty's ass up once and for all.

Boxing/jiu jitsu clinic...... PffffffffT whatever punk. You better learn how to box first, and then get a little better at JJ, until then you are just going to keep getting you ass kicked in hopes of putting on a "clinic."

Didn't Baroni use that sharpie comment before the Tanner fight?

The moral of this story is:

"Do your talking in the ring"

Matt how are you going to knock me out? Do you have a step ladder and a bat i don't know about?

Before Matt gets in the ring i want him frisked for blunt objects.

"Didn't Baroni use that sharpie comment before the Tanner fight?"

Seriously, I would think the results of that shit talking would be enough to prevent people from using the same comment.

*drags a chair next to TheAdonis*


*reaches into TheAdonis' bag of popcorn*

Dan: I could see someone who is 6 or 7 feet tall sat that about the ladder. You, on the other hand are just as sawed off as I am. That being said, I think I made it pretty clear that I am going to knock your head 3 or 4 rows out into the crowd. If you can stay concious after that, then you ARE the man. But you're not and you won't.

And I never heard the Baroni comment, but I will still be bringing my sharpie in case YOU are the lucky one that gets to catch the souvenier. Stay tuned!

oh shit this is gonna be good

*takes The Adonis's popcorn and vanilla coke*

It took me like 5 full minutes to wake swift up after the worm dropped a boot on him...He better watch out talkin that jazz!!

So when and where is this fight?

Matt,MAG, just to avoid future misunderstandings,use the UG approved way of making it clear you are joking with a j/k at the end of the pertinant sentence.

For example:

Please stop using this public forum for private matters.j/k

This should reduce problems of this nature.

Thank you for your time.

*sticks straw in doberman's stolen vanilla coke*