Attn:UG regarding Shelby

Guys, This is an aweful horrid sad thing. It's very hard when someone we know and care about dies. I've noticed several people here upset because they feel like they could of done something. PLEASE do not be hard on yourselves, there really is no way of knowing. In the past four years I have lost  nine people in my family...some needlesly. There was nothing any of you could of done. just cant tell what or how a person is feeling.


Instead of dwelling on this...think about all the wonderful memories, the impact she had on your lives...remember all the good times...all the good things about her. I think thats what she would want.


She is at peace now...all her problems and concerns are gone.

Only God knows what is in any of our hearts. Surely won't her creator do what is right?

I pray for the peace of mind and spirit for those who were close to her. I pray for her family and friends, that they find comfort and peace.


God bless all of you


Sherm I am doing everything I can but yet agian just like the UG would be I am being ridiculed for some of my posts because others dont agree with me.

I dont know what else to say or do, I prayed for her, I cried for her, I will always remember her, thats all that matters.


ttt :|

If you need to e mail was posted on the other thread.

I know Sherm and I was going to take advantage of it, but some people here have already made me feel like shit, I never meant for it come out like that, I just honestly feel like I lost a close frend, it hit me really hard. So all I can do is let it go and just keep thinking about her.

thanks Sherm you have always been there for me, you too Yuki, its good to know that after being gone for so long you guys are still around bringing goodness to a not such good world.


I am glad I had the opportunity to know her.  She was a great girl and I will miss her.