Please utilize this thread to Give prop to all of the promoters out there, that take care of the fighters, and do good for the sport!!

I will start:

Sven Bean

Dave Gomez

Rob Braniff & Lee Coates (FFC)

Steve Miller (Battle Zone)

I am sure there are a ton of others, don't be bashfull!! Let them know that we appreciate them!!


Jeff Strickland





Braulio Corral and Eric Moon of Iron Heart Crown


Mathew Waller.

Doesn't Barnone promote?

Eric Delfierro promotes good stuff inTJ

Rob Braniff & Lee Coates, already mentioned.

Yes Barnone promotes, and does a great job of it!!! TTT

Sheesh, sorry I don't know who promotes the WEC shows, but they also have very exciting shows!!

Jeff Paul and Troy Zupanc of  XKK (Xtreme Kage Kombat)

awesome promoters!  really look out for the fighters and treat them top notch!

"Yes Barnone promotes, and does a great job of it!!!"

I'm not too familiar with him, but isn't he not allowed to promote in TX anymore? I heard there were some shady dealings with him or his father or something in TX. Of course I can't remember who told me that, so I apologize if I'm wrong.

Saul Soliz puts on great shows!



Miguel Itturate, Carlos (Carlao) Diaz, and Dan Lambert have always taken care of me in AFC and also in SWO.

I have not faught for Matthew Waller but he is a very good friend and my manager. He does a great job with his shows and genuinly cares for the fighters.

I had a very good experience fighting for Richard Cox in GA also. It was his first show but he did a great job and was very honest throughout and took care of me. Supplied me with a ride to and from the airport (2+ hour drive).

There are a lot of really good promoters out there that care a lot about the sport and the fighters and they deserve recognition.

Whoever puts on the ICE shows in Ohio. Great show of talent and respect.

Speak up here,(fighters or promoter) your website has been of little use for upcoming events.

Keith Schmelzer @ Rocky Mountain Bad Boys (Proving Grounds, CO)


LONNIE NOAH with NOAH Sports (

These are the best promoters with the most integrity out of anyone in the sport here in Colorado. My team will always fight for any of these three because they do it for the love of the sport and wont lie to their fighters about fights, bouts, money, accomdations nor make false promises! My hats off to Steve Alley, Keith Schmelzer and Lonnie Noah!!!


Manny whats your weight right now? I have a fight for you to make some serious cash!

Manny won't fight anyone. He is not serious. He will outbid himself on purpose because he knows no promoter in their right mind would give him 10K on principle alone. No accomplishments, making unrealistic conditions to fight, and slandering every person in the MMA community is a great way of ending your career before it even begins.

More importantly, TTT for the the promoters out there in the MMA community.

No not Manny


ttt for the great promoters that try to advance our sport!!


"Whoever puts on the ICE shows in Ohio. Great show of talent and respect"

Kerry Schall and Monte Cox.

For anyone in the Mid West who can't afford to go to Vegas, these guys know how to put on the next best thing.

I'll give Manny what he ask's for to fight in a bout against someone of my choosing to give him one oppertunity to back up his words! If he doesn't take it, he's all talk, if he does and he wins, good on him, if he loses, there's your answer. What do you say Manny? Take the Challenge?