ATTN: Underground New-comers!

Hey man, I'm not making the rules around here, I'm just saying if people are serious about training, then they should go visit the clubs that appeal to them, instead of developing calluses on their finger tips...

Hey Ro,

this is the only place people CAN ACTUALLY BEAT YOU! So, sorry man, you've earned the title of Canadian forum whipping boy...congrats ;)

I think this is a perfect place to ask. Any school can blow smoke up your ass and look great if you dont know what your looking for. Next thing you know your training will Bob the Nob that is a World Champion 400 times over.

Does Bob the Nob do privates? How much are they?

what unfortunately not everyone sees it as you do. i understand what you are saying, i just don't agree. education (in all its forms) is business, the honor and respect that come with it, or as a result of it are another issue.

if you don't want to list/discuss cost of training on the net just don't do it, period. don't lecture me either, ater all if its not for 'newcomers' bjj/grappling won't be growing... it goes both ways...

respectfully "you can do as you please just don't expect everyone to do the same" softspot

"I can see your dilemma with commiting time and money to a club, but don't expect to be an expert in 3 months..."

Huh, why would I expect to be an expert in 3 months just bcuz I am trying to be informed?

I take the same approach when I check out fitness clubs, I don't expect to be an expert at fitness in 3 months. It is just a business approach. Everyone does it differently for different reasons.

NOT LETTUCE I am friends with Mr. Nob and for you my friend l can get you a good price it would be around 300 dollars and hour. But since your canadian he charges in american so it will be around 500 not to shaby.

Attention all new comers train at Karma!!! don't take my word for it check it out. Technician is priceless but we do charge him.

When I first visited Karma, Mike (NextPenn) beat me up and Wagnney took my money. Then Wagnney beat me up.

The second time I went Josh beat me up and Wagnney took my money but I ran away before Wagnney could get me so Mike (CBK) beat me up instead.

At least my money is good.



Ok, but when do we eat?

Now... Be fast Dougee I want my pizza in forty minutes or less. Don't worry Mike ( CBK ) will pay all your speeding tickets.

My neighbour up the street has a porshe that I am sure I could rev up to a good speed with. If I leave now, I could grab the pizza in Toronto and be there with Fateh too.

The only problem is that he hates it when I break into his house and kidnap him.

I will also add that what you will never pick up over the forum - and is perhaps the most important choice - is if you will feel comfortable in a clubs atmosphere. There are several excellent places to train BJJ, Judo, whatever you want, but if you don't look forward to class and the people there you will never achieve the skills you should.

For example, if you are homophobic you would want to stay away from any club that MackDaddyFlex trains at.

Man, this is getting outta control, and I can see that people are arguing just for the sake of arguing...

Guys, all I'm saying is this; don't waste your time on here asking about various clubs and not go and check them out.

If you are serious about training...then go train.

And guys, you need to relax with some of your posts.

This thread was created for the purpose of advising new comers to actually come out and visit various clubs (more like an open invitation), and it looks like people are shying away from this gesture of hospitality.

As I stated earlier, I train at Karma Martial Arts, and I am extending an open invitation to anyone that is interested in receiving quality instruction, and meeting good people.



Sorry I totally disagree with the following.

"Guys, all I'm saying is this; don't waste your time on here asking about various clubs and not go and check them out."

This is a form of free speech and people can exercise that right. Trying to form the attitude that they should not ask is just plain richeous or ignorant.

Let them ask, let people give their opinion. If they want to shoot themselves in the foot and do whatever then let them.

Anyone with HALF a brain will go check out a few places before hand. If they don't have HALF a brain then they shouldn't be training. If they have no experience they might not know what to look for. What type of classes they are looking at. Price isn't something that should be an issue when it comes to training. If it was all about $ they can call and get answers faster.

You wanna rant, how about ranting on people who crank subs and never bother really learning them? Or all the ego maniacs out there and/or the lack of them in your club.

this thread is like a fart in the wind....all over the place.

I'm not ranting at all.

It is just my belief that there are a lot of "talkers" and not enough "doers".

As I stated earlier (I sound like a broken record), there's nothing wrong with asking about various clubs etc...but also make an attempt to check out the facilities and actually get on the mats and do some training.

I really don't know where all this resistance is coming from? May be most of the people on here aren't very social?

In any event, I just thought I would offer some advice to help people get out there and do some training, but it seems like I'm talking to a lot of martial arts fans, and not martial artists.


Its a public forum. People can ask for prices and post them if they want, as well as their opinion on the instructors. Maybe they don't want to check out every club in town because they are busy.

Its up to you if you want to respond to the questions however.