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Enjoy our new vid for the IXFA. Feedback always wanted & enjoy. -ThinkBig 

Just so everyone knows, I've been watching this sport since the 90's, got involved in film around 2006, and luckily got introduced to the owner of this particular MMA organization. Since then; I've invested in my own equipment and as of recently they, the IXFA, have  decided to throw some more shows. I'm looking to help try and push the cinematic quality of MMA videos. I'd love to help fighters and other organizations promote themselves. 

*Fighters featured:  Domingo Pilarte, Gerzan Chaw, Adam Schindler, Marc Ramirez, Bryan Garcia, Justin Murray, Andrew Craig, Josh Foster, Justin Ledet, Jason Sullivan, Ruben Davilla, Chad Cook, Lane Yarbrough, Joshua Lee  

If you've been a fan of this sport since the beginning; then you know how incredible the past 4 years have been, in terms of media success in the US. The only organization out there that puts high quality cinema into their videos, IMHO, is Strikeforce.  Especially since Showtime got involved. The UFC does good stuff; but they don't need to blow us away with that stuff, they have the fighters and the set fan base.   

Anyways, my point is...  I'm just trying to help entertain us fans with better highlights and commercials. It's almost 2011, which according to my Back to the Future calculations, means were 4 years away from 2015 and we shouldn't be watching grainy, crappy highlights and sub-par commercials which only appeal to the hardcore or the people in the know.  

I just wish I had my camera for the Pettis kick last night.



 Thanks GSTQ.


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Nice vid.

Thanks. Looking to work with some more organizations to help them promote. Shooting again in Feb. Phone Post


uniquetechnique - Wow way better than Layzies effects. WAIT! oh he doesn't add any effects in his videos. Ooops. My bad.
Thanks, I think... but I'm not trying to compete with nobody. Im a huge fan of Layzies vids, been watching them a long time.


how come Gregorian Chant Always make everything so EPIC!!!

uniquetechnique - at 7 seconds you should have made the glass come from the other direction , when he throws the punch. Probably havei t coming from his fists direction. hehe...sorry..I deal with After Effects everyday on a daily basis.

Did you use twixtor for the slo mos?
Thanks for the input, I'll consider it in the future. I shot @120fps for the entire show. It was crazy.


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Awesome Video, great job. 

Yep. I own a Red Mx package. Phone Post

uniquetechnique - 
ThinkMMA - Yep. I own a Red Mx package. Phone Post

IM seriously jealous brahdah
I'll be posting these vids all year.