Attn: US Soldiers in Iraq & Afghan

..istan. I'm getting a bunch of stickers printed up of the logo for you guys overseas. I was hoping that you could put them on equipment, vehicles, and other interesting stuff, and maybe take some pics for us back home. If you're interested, please send me your mailing address over there to: and I'll get some sent out soon. Be safe fellas!

Or just post your mailing addy here if that is easier!

Wow Quik!! That is so awesome of you!!! :o)

LOL, I haven't even asked Kirik about doing this...I didn't figure that he'd mind the free advertising though. Maybe if he's cool with it, I'll throw some MMA.TV stickers in with the shirts that I sell...for right now though, I'd just like to send some overseas for our military. REPRESENT!

Also, capn, drop me an email.

Guys, if you can...keep this up at the top so I can get some addresses.


nice QUIK...i support this effort....


back up



Quik, did you get my message with my address for the phat booty thing??

Jesse, sure did, you have myspace mail

Well done Quik... you continue to do great things for the sport and for those who support the sport. 

LOL...I still haven't got an address though! :)

Does anybody have "americansoldier's" address? Anything?

I highly support quik and this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

back up



MY BAD!! We where on Commo BlackOut...lost some Soldiers yesterday and they shut down internets and phone untill notification of next of Kin...MY ADDRESS

SSG Goss, MIchael J

A BTRY 4/42 Field Artillery 4ID (M)

Unit 50004

APO AE 09378-0004

Im Always willing to help.....

Quik, from my experience over there the computers are filtered from alot of websites. Send me an email and ill get you some of the guys from my units email or snail mail.