I just wanted to be sure, of all the new titles you are releasing this year, will there be a set/DVD on Gripping? I remember in another thread someone mentioned this, and you gave it some thought, i'd just like some confirmation on whether or not you will so I can save some money for it.


yes we are actually are doing the editing but all of my projects have me
hopping a lot - the book is coming along as well.we will have a great
nutrition section as well as fitness things so look out for everything. It will
all be coming soon.


Nutrition section? Sweet

I cant wait for the DVDs to drop! Wish there was an ETA, your killin' us Dave.

June 1st atthe latest maybe earlier - the book is killing me. rewrite rewrite
rewrite, the website is not much easier - I guess I should stop and focus
on one, but then everyone looking for the other stuff people want are
going to be pissed. It will get done and I hope you love it.



Im sure i'll love it. Gripping stuff is my current forte.


ttt, good stuff.

fell behind what with the fitness book workiing at the same time - lord
knows how all this stuff comes together at the same time and drives me
nuts. Keep you all informed.