Attn Useless & OMA

On July 28th the WEC is going to put on a benefit show for the Ryan Benett family. All proceeds will be donated to his wife and kids.

All fighters will donate their skills to this benefit with travel and hotel being covered.

I am going to be the matchmaker for this event and with all hype going around you two we could sell a lot of tickets.

This being a benefit show will cover the problem of Useless being a AM and OMA being a Pro.

So I ask you guys do you want to fight on July 28th on live HD tv?

Make it happen.

common OMA step up, would be interesting.....


for the internet championship of the world


TTT for a great cause.

TTT for the WEC!!!!!!!!


Any bouts already signed for this?


Is it possible to do this?

Will it ruin Useless' amateur status?

Will The BELT®© be allowed to corner OMA?

Word on the street is that OMA has been training intensely for a comeback fight. Paulo Filho had a training session with him and was said to be in "awe" at his ability...

..take it for what it's worth.

Damn OMA, and here I figured youd jump on this, guess not.

This is a benifit for this guys Family, and you want to wait till a debt is settled :shakes head:

usless wins by default

Its a simple request!

I guess it does sound bad though.

-OMA (tm) "

so are you gunna fight, or are you gunna prove the nay sayers that your just a internet warrior?

Will Dairy Queen be allowed to have a vending booth at the event?

awesome OMA

Ls6, LOL the fact that Im a pro fighter proves Im not an internet warrior."

good man, glad to hear it


You gotta make up a special belt for this.