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the weapon... USKBA Rules for Leg Kick (International Style) bouts would be similar to Full Contact Kickboxing rules. However, leg kicks are allowed, inside and out but not to the knee. There is no Minimum Kick Rule and dipped foam boots are not required. Shin and instep guards (cloth and dipped foam) are allowed.
Hopefully this answers your questions. Vladimir Borodine is our Director of Thaiboxing and is also in charge of our Leg Kick bouts. We are currently working on revisions to all our USKBA ACTION SPORTS Rules and Regulations. We have added San Da bouts and MMA bouts to our sanctioning and we are also working on adding Shootboxing bouts. "

So would the Ringside leather muay thai shin/instep pads be legal?

Also can thai shorts be worn in the leg kick bouts, rather than the kickboxing pants?

Also can thai shorts be worn in the fullcontact bouts as well?




Leather Muay Thai shin/instep pads are legal.

Thai shorts can be worn in Leg Kick bouts.

At the present time, shorts can also be worn in Full Contact Kickboxing bouts.

We have certain rules under review. One of them is the proper attire for each sport we sanction.


REMINDER! The 2004 USKBA ACTION SPORTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Amateur Tournaments will take place September 4-5, 2004 at RexPlex Sports Complex in New Jersey USA. We will feature amateur tournaments in Full Contact Kickboxing, San Da, Thaiboxing, Freestyle Sambo and Continuous Contact. For additional information, go to:

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