For international style kickboxing rules, its basically the same as full contact rules with leg kicks right? Also what do you wear on your legs for protection? Just shin and instep pads or do you have to wear those booties also?

the weapon... USKBA Rules for Leg Kick (International Style) bouts would be similar to Full Contact Kickboxing rules. However, leg kicks are allowed, inside and out but not to the knee. There is no Minimum Kick Rule and dipped foam boots are not required. Shin and instep guards (cloth and dipped foam) are allowed.

Hopefully this answers your questions. Vladimir Borodine is our Director of Thaiboxing and is also in charge of our Leg Kick bouts. We are currently working on revisions to all our USKBA ACTION SPORTS Rules and Regulations. We have added San Da bouts and MMA bouts to our sanctioning and we are also working on adding Shootboxing bouts.

If you are considering competing in the Thaiboxing Tournament at our 2004 USKBA ACTION SPORTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, or if you have any additional specific questions you would like to ask Vladimir Borodine, he can be reached at

thanks for the reply and yes i will be fighting in that tournament. But i was asking the question for a show that will be in rochester, ny in july. There is no knees in international rules right???

That is correct. Leg Kick fights are no knees. We are waiting confirmation on the exact date of the event. I assume you will be fighting an amateur bout. We cannot sanction pro bouts in NY at this time.USKBA ACTION SPORTS /