Attn: UWE. . .cortisol blockers?


Do you know anything about supplements that supposedly block cortisol to aid weight loss?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry to have abandoned my duties here on H&M, this was my first semister with teaching duties in addition to research and I was awfully busy. Finals were over last week and I finished grading on Wednesday so I have a bit more time on my hands now.

I haven't heard anything about cortisol blockers in weight loss. From a conceptual standpoint I guess I could see how cortisol antagonists might affect weight through its interactions with insulin and glucose metabolism, but I'm unaware of any actual published studies indicating that it has any efficacy in terms of weight loss.

Where did you hear about this?


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Well, I have used the Natural Homonal Enhancement diet before (a cycled carb diet, as opposed to a low-carb diet), and it addresses cortisol as it applies to fat storage and building lean muscle mass.

Then I saw an ad for something called CortiSlim which claims to use 'all natural' ingredients to block the production of cortisol.

Did a web search and found quite a few products out there, but none from anybody I would necessarily trust.

My concern is this; I work nights, and can only get 6 hours of sleep per day. 7 on a good day. Add the lack of sleep to the everday stresses of family life, etc., and I believe that I definitely have higher than average cortisol levels (which supposedly can be a lipolytic and catabolic hormone), and there's not much I can do sleep wise to try and change that (at least for the next 6 months to a year).

I gained a few extra pounds due to an ankle injury and the holiday feeding frenzy.

So, that's how my interest got piqued in a supplement that might help reduce cortisol levels in an effort to aid weight loss.

Any info you could come up with would much appreciated.