Attn: Vancouver Grapplers !

I will be starting a freestyle BJJ(no-gi) class on tuesdays and thursdays. Classes will be held at the brand new Gold Lion Muay Thai gym located at 3070 commercial drive, just south of Brdway station. They will be from 7:30pm till 9pm. Prices are 65$ monthly.

Come try out a free class!!

Denis Kang
778-881-5977 (local)


Cool, I think I may give you a call soon Denis


Dendawg, How about drop ins!

ttt for Dennis

good gawd...another scary team on the horizon...

David, I guess it would be considered east vancouver.
It's on commercial drive just south of Broadway. Real easy to find

I still train with Marcus all the time, I'm just trying to keep busy and it doesn't hurt to make a little on the side as well.
Come down anytime man.

dennis its paul...i was going to come to marcus's soon but the time days are a bit messed up fpr me sooo ill come and check you out bro...seee you tuesday...

one questiona re you doign to do any gi classes eventually...

paul r

ps: i tried calling you but you wrent in...soo ill see you teusday hopefully and well talk then

see ya

Hey Paul, for now I'm only doing no-gi, but I may start some gi stuff soon.

Seeya Tuesday.


Not only is Denis an awesome fighter, he's also a good teacher. He's taught a few times when Marcus isn't in town, and he's always done a really good job.

I gotta second that Denis is a great teacher (much as it pains me to agree with Wombat)

He has a very analytical approach to the game and breaks things down well. . . are sooo right he is an awsome he taught a few times when i trained at marcus' and did he ever make me work...holly shit what am i getting myself getting to old for this

paul r

hey dennis just wanted to know something that gym affiliated with c. franco in any way...just wondering...heard a rumor...???...

talk to you soon and nmaybe see you tongiht...try to freee up some time and get my lazy ass out jsut sooo out of shape right now...feeel years of training downt he

paul r

Paul, Chris has his own gym called "Studio West Martial Arts" located on Fraser & 32nd.
Gold Lion Muay Thai is not affiliated with him.

Come on down tonight and check it out ! Class is at 730 to 9pm.


im there to you tonight...

paul r

sorry i missed last class dennis ill be thre this teusday...just got busy...

guys come and check this school out its awsome...awsome facility and great lies im not biased and ive trained at like every fucken school in ya come and check it out...and if you dont like me youll get a chance to kick my