please shoot me an email and let me know when I'll be able to get a copy of my fight and the funny photos. I have that pride thing in november and could realy use them..

mike seal

ps , please ttts this untile i get a respones,,, thanks


ttt's,, if you don't have it already



mike, are u fight in Riggs in WEC?? If so , thats sick.

was going to but haven't been trainin this pass week whent to boston on a first respons and realy 5 days to get back to par sucks so I said next time, I also had an offer to fight wier the wizerd in wec but it was the same like 5 day notice so I'm just getting ready for my first boxing fight next mounth.

apple do you have the venom guys email or phone I'm tryin to get ahold of them

ttt for Mike going to sleep soon!

3 hours of biased conversation.
Please go to sleep Mike.

ttt's damit!!! I realy need that film


email me and ill give you gentry's email

So nervouse

Randy, change your profile. You haven't been 24 in six years. I think they are talking about a different group of "Venom Guys" anyway.

apple you have mail!!

ttt for whatever the hell we're talking about here

Im so scaerd.