Attn Vermonter/Scrap/Taku??Help!

I consider you guys to be the big 3 in the forum. I'm interested in adding bodyweight training as well as sandbag lifting. I currently just lift weights. How do I incorporate those two other types of workouts while still lifting weights but not overtrain??

Also for the big 3, I'm 35 years old and not obsessed with getting bigger and stronger like I was way back in the day. I have more injuries than you can shake a stick at. Consequently, instead of working out each body part 3 times a week doing 6-8 reps like I did in college (boy was I a knucklehead), I do each bodypart two times a week with one workout being 8-12 reps (or even 10-15), the 2nd workout of the week being 15-20 reps.

For example

Monday: Bench 4x 8-12 (or 10-15)
Incline 4x 8-12 (or 10-15)
Chest Bench (4 x 15-20)

Tuesday Squat 4x 8-12
Friday Squate 4 x 15-20

Is this a suitable rep range and is it too much to do each bodypart two times a week if I do ultimately incorpate other modalities (again, bodyweight or sandbag training)

Thanks guys, this is the best forum here because of you.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the kind words. I am glad if my input is helpful. That is what I am here for.

There tons of ways to add these other toys to your training plan.

I could create a plan for you but I have found one already made that I think is quite good.

My personal recommendation is take the program and following the lifting suggestions just do one set of what ever rep range matches your goals for each exercise instead of 3-5 sets. Also I would do this workout only once or twice a week.

For most (and this goes double for those with compromised recovery) I am confident 1-2 solid workouts along with good sleep, lots of water and plenty of quality food will see you turning into a super man on the beach or on the field (mat).


Yes, thanks for the kind words.

I'd listen to taku :) However, it isnt tough to incorporate sandbags or cals into your training. Just use them in the place of other exercises. For example, when you have a horizontal upper body press, you could do a bench press (or variation), a sanbag press (or variation), or a pushup (or variation). I think you'll enjoy the variety.


Thank you both. There is so much training information out there that is either just the latest fad or simply flat out misleading. I enjoy Scrapper's products and hope he continues to put out more. Vermonter and Taku, you guys should put out a book or dvd on training for sports/grappling as it would be a thousand times better than what people get in Muscle & Fitness

The article Taku posted is right on the money. I've used program(s) similar to it and had great success.

Another way to combine them would be to alternate workouts. For example, you could split your workouts into upper body and lower body. Do 1 sandbag workout and one Gym workout for each.

For example, Monday could be Upper Body Sandbag, Tuesday Lower Body Gym, Thursday Upper Body Gym, Friday Lower Body Sandbag.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Wiggy. Good to see you back here. My pee brain absorbing everyone's feedback is that doing two upperbody workouts (or lower body) per week using weights, in addition to two sandbag or barrel sessions a week is overtraining!


I'm not saying to do two of each (2 sandbag and 2 weights for upper body and lower body) - I'm talking about 1 of each. 1 weights upper body, 1 sandbag upper boy. 1 weights lower body, 1 sandbag lower body. 4 workouts total, 2 upper and 2 lower, 2 weights and 2 sandbag.

Mon-upper sandbag

Tues-lower weights

Thurs-upper weights

Fri-lower sandbag

That kinda thing...

I didnt say two either. I just said stick with what your doing and throw in the other exercises when you feel like it.


Fellas, I know you didn't say to do two of each. My initial thought was to do two of each but after reading your replies I realized that wasn't a good idea.

Thanks again!

Sorry for the late response...These guys nailed it already. I used to mix it up like Wiggy suggested with my own workouts and with clients and it worked out great.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Maybe I missed something, I clicked on the T-Nation article that Taku listed. Are you guys speaking of the strength part of the article or the whole thing?

The whole article was referenced as a way to combine a variety of toys (tools) in a simple and effective program.

I made the weight training suggestions because I feel that keeping with a short and efficient model, most folks will get fine results doing only one set of each exercise.

This volume suggestion was made keeping in mind that they will also be doing SAQ work as well as other GPP work which will certainly round out their workout.