ATTN: Visc

i remember a while back you mentioned some specific reasons for disliking trent reznor. i am curious what they were. i think there were some charges of plagarism involved.

see, i have this friend who's very into nin and trent's cult of personality, and i'd mentioned to her that i've heard some not-so-good things about the man. now i feel obligated to back that up. why should we hate trent, O wise one?

Listen to Pretty Hate Machine. Then listen to Sister Machine Gun's Sins of the Flesh. Then listen to PHM again.

But that isn't the big reason. After Trent got discovered he told everyone that had helped him to get fucked. He used up a lot of favors and didn't return them. That manager of his that he whined about so much? Trent gave him a royal fucking and dropped him, and talked mad shit about how it was the other way around. He pissed on everybody. And now, he is used up. And he is still a master rip off artist.

One of my favorite artists is Joel-Peter Witkin. I almost choked when I saw the Closer video...a video that completely copied his artwork. Witkin won that lawsuit. But that is how he operates...he is good at stealing other people's stuff and passing it off as his own.

I've met plenty of people who knew him before and after, my husband included(He did booking at the Fenix and toured with Rev Co for a while). Nobody, I mean nobody, had a good thing to say about the guy.

Witkin = scary nightmares

ok, the only thing i think you may need to clarify is the sister machine gun ripoff thing:

sins of the flesh; released 1993

pretty hate machine; released 1989


"Sister Machine Gun is essentially Chicago electronic musician Chris Randall's one-man outfit. The industrial sound of this 1993 debut on Wax Trax shouldn't surprise anyone, considering Randall's label affiliation and close ties to longtime industrial purveyors KMFDM. His music bears more of a resemblance to Nine Inch Nails than the label's more dance-oriented artists, as the verse/chorus formula and conventional drum patterns present on Sins of the Flesh are clearly influenced by Trent Reznor's structured pop. Songs like "Sins of the Flesh" and "Degenerate" have an unmistakable pretty hate machinery, and Randall's dramatic whispering and repeated hooks follow the Reznor formula to the letter. "

Where did you find that Pustak?

I've only heard PHM, what is so similar about them, the actual songs or the execution?

all the info posted above is courtesy, and is only as accurate as they tend to be. i do not know how accurate that is.

Sins of the Flesh came out in 92, but Chris had been making music for a long time before that. He worked with KMFDM before forming SMG. He had been on several comps for years before that release. Nice guy. This isn't so much vilifying Trent, it is just general laughter at the tendency people have to say that NIN had such a breakthrough sound. Please.

Trent piggybacked off of a lot of people's work, which isn't uncommon, but the way he treated the people that helped him get where he is now is terrible.

He is the Bill Gates of the music world. Stepping on people, not paying what he owes, breaking contracts, etc.

Tom was friends with him. He used to crash at Tom's apartment when he was playing little dive shows that only 30 or so people showed up to. Last time we saw him, he looked Tom up and down and said "I don't know you Sporkboy", and walked off. Not many people know Tom's nickname.

Apply that to almost everybody in the Industrial community.