ATTN: Wade Rome

In case you hadn't seen this:Wade Rome: Official Rules InquiryFrom: gspendiff Date: 03/31/04 08:49 AM Member Since: 01/01/200135 Total Posts Ignore User After receiving an official rules protest by Wade Rome concerning the outcome of the Wade Rome / Pa De Pano match at the 2004 Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships an official review of the match was granted. The following is a depiction of the match as I saw it under the rules set forth by the tournament. Wade Rome: 4 points (2 take downs, the rules stated that as long as the knees and hands hit the mat 2 points shall be awarded, the take down that occurred from back into the ring from coming out of bounds was difficult to judge and could have gone either way) 2 aggressive advantages for the 2 reverse chokes inside guard (these are not true points or even signaled to the scorers table, these advantages are to be considered by the referee if a match were to be even on points at its conclusion) 1 warning for guard exit should have been given to Wade for backing from the guard but no penalty points. (a warning was to be given 1st then penalty points deducted for the 2nd infraction) Pa De Pano: 2 aggressive advantages (for attempted Kumura and hip sweep from guard) It was clear that under the rules set forth Mr. Rome won the match but this does not change the official outcome of the match. The result of the match is determined by the referee and in this case, it was in favor of Mr. Pano. As in all sports, human error is a factor, add in communication barriers and several variations in tournament rules around the country and you have problems. We are trying very hard to streamline the refereeing for next year to have an official team of refs who are certified and experienced in the Arnold World Rules and Regulations. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Garth Spendiff Official Ring Captain Arnold World Gracie Submission Fighting Championships


good luck to all the competitors at the arnolds next year!

i'm sure the pan ams will be of the same caliber!

*rolls eyes*


So he won, but he doesn't get paid or receive the official title? Is this correct?

Imagine if the Olympics ran that way. French judges would decide skating and steroid tests would not cause changes in final standing...

3t for that BS!


What a bunch of SCUMBAGS....

Yes,,,u scumbags know who u are.

and the kicker is that Wade was going to donate that money to that cancer fund.

Well....enjoy that money you stole.... Karma is a bitch.

Hopefully he will see this or someone at ATT can let him know so he at least knows where he stands.

Did Wade Rome ever see his official reply?

Carlao is ATT. I'm sure he'll let him know.

Wade's on vacation.


thats right!

Now PDP has been beaten by 2 members of ATT one of them TWICE!

for Wade to see. Also hoping that he post one of now world famous anger post.


I was also waiting for a reveiw of Maribels match but after reading that BS what will it matter.