ATTN: Wade Rome

Wade - I can't seem to get hold of you. Please call me or e-mail me ASAP!! I have some information on the Super Fight.



Have you checked all the buffets in town?




Isn't wade still in England till xmas eve?

Thanks for the info. Maybe that is why I couldn't get hold of him!

Yeah they were leaving out to go to England like Monday or before I cant remember. But I know I got a buddy that trians with them that went and he said he would be back on Christmas day. So maybe after that you can get ahold of him.

ttt for Thunder Delgado's arch nemesis.

I sure Wade still in Europe.

If u cant get hold of Wade , I'm availible . Rob Constance (Team Renzo Gracie ). Call Lynn Lane or myself at Renzo's . (212-279-6724 ).

diesel and you are???? ;-)


Sorry Bro. I am in Ireland at the moment so e-mail
access has been sporadic at best. Anyway, count me in.
You should know that you do not evenb need to ask when
it comes to this opponent.

I return X-Mas eve and will call you on Monday.

Wade Rome

This is good news indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait till they make this fight announcement!!!!!!