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Yo man, Clint told I needed to get ahold of you for some speak about Bangkok, you live there?

I'm headed there next week and need some questions answered.

oh and I'll open this thread to any questions (I'll try to answer) regarding any of the following topics as a fee for my waste of bandwidth:

Hacking DirecTV, WiFi (discovery and sniffing), and anything technical todo with the Internet.

Whats the best ways to hack DirecTV, assuming I have no experience and no equipment? Seems like things are always changing, but I guess it just be new software updates with the hardware basically the same. Haven't really been paying attention and I don't really have time for TV, but what the hell.

Here is what you need:

DTV setup - Dish, a receiver, and a HU card (get this from eBay, check your local paper, or from a friend )

Order a HU programmer from the Net.

Open your web browser and goto

Read through the forums, in particular the FAQ section to learn what software you need and how to write 3Ms and Acts to your card. They have EVERYTHING you need on that site to get up and running.

Total hardware cost ~$250, which will pay for itself in the first month.

How would I properly aim the dish?

how long will the P3 stream be active? what sites have P4 3ms? is the standard hu loader compatible with the P4 card?

what do you think of airdefense?

Hey Jed what program do you like to discover wi-fi networks, netstumbler or kismet?