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Could either one of you eleaborate on the thread (D.S. input needed). It's basically asking what is an "insert" , and how this all works w/ P.S.. Thanks in advance for any info. on this. If all goes right I'll be signing in about 2wks..

We don't refer to anyone as an insert persay, but from the context the recruiter is referring to what we call "Prior Service" trainees.

What usually happens is that you will be 'inserted' into a company already in cycle. What week is really up to the reception battalion personnel and the gaining battalion. I have had regular army Specialists without any break in service inserted into week three simply because they did not have a current M16 qualification, and do the entire course from that point. I have also seen the prior service put into week 10 (first week of 11B AIT)
and they were simply taken to a range to qualify. This is absolutely necessary, though, because to fire on manuever ranges you must be zeroed and qualified on the weapon.

Your priveledges will vary and is entirely based upon the chain of command of the company you find yourself in. I will say that the way the DSs treat you will be directly proportionate to your attitude. If you are shit hot, they will probably put you in a leadership position. As a general rule, I always place the prior service E4s in leadership positions if they demonstrate even a little competence, and let them grow as leaders. They may find themselves in leadership positions on the line very soon anyway, and doing it in combat.

I do give them certain priveledges such as extra phone time or let them go to the PX after training, but not much more than that. Most CO's I have seen do not allow off post passes or POVs unless they are active E5 and above with family in the area. Regardless, it will be a good experience for you and if you're sent into week 10 you only have four or five weeks there anyway. You can do that standing on your head.

BTW, what type of contract did you get and where is your first duty assignment?

Thanks for the info. Whatever254. Rigt now as far as a contract goes, all that is still up in the air. They keep dangling 18x in my face and pulling it back. I'd love to have it but they say my age(30y.o.) play's a big factor in rather or not I'll get it. So as far as that goes we'll see. For duty station I haven't a clue about that either. I've been thinking about Ft. Lewis and Drum but I'm more concerned with my MOS contract. I survived Cuba and Lejuene , so I think I'll survive pretty much anywhere.LOL!!!!

A little about myself; I'm former MARINE SGT/0311(ARMY 11B) w/ 7yrs. in and I've been out for 3.5 yrs.. My last billet I had was an Infantry tactics instructor and all that goes w/(H2H,marksmanship,patrolling, land nav. etc...)for my last 3yrs. in. I was on the M.C.T. Bn. rifle and pistol team in 99-00. But to me all that means JACKSHIT cause I've been out so long. So to me week 1 sounds great. But I do know one thing for sure I will perform the way they (Command) expects I should. They won't be disappointed. Who knows maybe I'll have you as a D.S.,LOL!!!! Anyway I'll stop babbling , Again I really appreciate all the info.. If you have anything else to add please feel free. BTW , How would the pay work will I recieve pay like regular A.D. or will it be put in an account an inaccessible while in basic? That's more for my wife than I, But equally important to us both. Thanks again.


I've seen plenty of 28 and 29 year old 18Xs so I don't think an extra year would make too much difference (might need a waiver but I don't know much about that).

You will set up a direct deposit account at reception and your pay will be deposited there; I suggest using your existing account so the wife will have access. You will receive a pay advance in the form of a PX prepaid card to purchase needed items and , of course, that will be deducted from your first EOM pay.

You probably won't have me as a DS; I work at the Airborne hold facility with graduates. By the time you graduate I will be off the trail and either in ANCOC or PCSing somewhere.


Looks like you've got all the info on PS. Here's the info on 18x ref age I cut/pasted from the original message:

281800 January 2003 (EST) USAREC MESSAGE 03-039
From: Headquarters USAREC
To: All Recruiting Personnel

a. Must be 18 years of age by graduation of CMF 11 One Station Unit Training
(OSUT) and have not reached their 30th birthday prior to ship date.

Major Bob

Post your email and I'll send you the entire message.

Major Bob

Thank you both for input and help. Maj. BOB my E-mail is BTW sir, I'm already 30y.o.,that is waiverable, correct sir?

And I just want to double check, My wife WILL have access to my pay while I'm in BASIC, if I put the money in my exsisting account. Did I understand that correctly. And also what pay entitlements will I be giving while in OSUT(i.e. base,BAH,ETC...)if any at all? Hope i'm not being a pain, just been outta the loop for a while. Thanks again!


She should (she does have a debit card and checkbook, doesn't she?) and you will receive regular pay +BAH and possibly family sep.

Yes, you're being a pain. Mule kicks go. J/K

MULE KICKING DRILL SARNT!!! But while I got your attention got any recommendations for a duty station, Preferably w/ some good place to roll,well when time permits. I'd really like to attend the combatives course and get instructor certified. To me that would be the shit. Maybe I'll start bugging SFC. Larsen and give you a break, LOL!!!!

Hey man take care and thanks for all your help!


Hey when can I stop these mule kick drill sarnt?


Email sent.

Good duty station to roll are Schofield Barracks, Fort Bragg, Ft. Benning.

Major Bob



Now back to being a pain again, if I have to do this as an 11x what units would you recommend. Just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:
-squared away
-school slots


Got the message sir , thanks alot . BTW I'm in south boston , va. and i'll recruit outta danville,va.. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Bragg, Campbell or Drum (82nd, 101st or 10th). Also the quickest ticket to the sandbox; they are all due to rotate back early next year-ish.

If you had the chose which would you pick?

I've heard alot about the 25th in both Hi. an Lewis, what's your take on them?

I've already been to Bragg and Campbell; both were good posts. You couldn't pay me to go to Drum.

I wouldn't mind Lewis, but not really Hawaii (although there is plenty of jiu-jitsu to choose from in HI).

Thanks for the input. The old lady is really interested in HI. I'm leaning more towards Lewis and Campbell. But I just keep hearing great things about the 25th I.D., not their locations but the actual units. When I was an instructor at S.O.I. i had acouple student MARINES that were in the 25th. in HI. and they would always make comparisons and just laugh at some of the shit they would see being done. I will have to admit they were some hardcore and locked on f&%kers.

Guys, I really appreciate ya'lls time and help with all this , maybe we'll cross paths one day and the brew ha ha's are on me. I'll keep you guys posted on all this.