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I bought the fight, I'm on the site right now... what do I do? I have no idea where to go to download this thing???


I just tried to order this and it said "There was an error processing your order. Please try again later. If this problem persists please contact us". That's pretty sweet. After getting all of my card info and allowing me to submit it, they can't process the order. Nice work guys.

-edited- I'm going to try and be calm about this.. But it's highly unprofessional for this not to work.

Pat... contact me.

You should pay your credit card bills on time...hahaha

I'm having problems as well, I sent an email

I have sent two emails.. no reply.

That's funny Parrish

funny.. They sent me an email that changed my username slightly, and it logged me in. Now the page wont load. Wonderful..

I just sent you guys at an e-mail through here. I will be sending you one through your website as well. But to be quite honest I will invest about another 10 minutes into this and that's about all my time it's worth.

tristar, Log in on the first page. This should take you to an events page log on this page as well. this should take you back to the first page where you can click the picture of Kimbo and download the fight.

lerdrit, exactly what I did and it worked

thanks guys, pretty nasty fight, would have liked to have seen what happened afterwards though. Never saw Kimbo's team acknowledge Gannon the winner, even though he was KTFO

What's the email address for them?

So then, I went back to to try and reload the fight but it now says I have no credits..

Fucking Great.

Well it won let me. Here is the message:

Here a few possibilies why you may be receiving this message. One is that you have not purchased a view. The other is that you are not using Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

To view the videos, you much purchase credits. Each credit is worth one video. Please purchase credits here.

fightwatcher... log in, put in your user name and password, then once you are logged in, close that page and go back to the main home page and click on Kimbo's image. worked fine

this is what worked for me

Now they bumped the price back up to 10 bucks. Screw it, already wasted 10 dollars of my bosses money trying to get this fight.

hahahah oh the drama.

Still doesn't work.. I have IE6 and WMP9.. My browser sure worked well enough for these gentlemen to charge me..

I have given up and asked matt for a refund. I'ts all good, I'm over it now. I'm on win98se at home and I bet that's the problem.